Our Company

Forest Tree Care LLC prides itself on taking care of the Atlanta, Georgia community with over twelve years of dedicated tree removal services. We offer high-quality services, such as tree removal, stump removal, and tree trimming to the members of our valued community. Here we believe in always putting our customers first and can guarantee that when you choose us, you are choosing to have a more beautiful and safe environment for yourself and your loved ones. We look forward to hearing about all that we can do for you and your residential and commercial tree service needs in and around Atlanta, GA.


To fulfill our community’s tree trimming needs and care for each property as if it were our own.


Forest Tree Care LLC was founded in 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia. Our mother company, Nery Construction and Handyman, started off in 2008 as a home improvement business. It did not take long for the services to expand and eventually evolve into what is now Forest Tree Care LLC.

Service Areas

  • Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding areas
  • Greenville, South Carolina